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    500 million books manufactured every year.

    17 factories
    7 countries
    3,000 people

    CPI book printer in Europe
    CPI offers about any type of printed product

    Cased books, paperbacks, pocket books, catalogues, magazines, directories, colour books, diaries, calendars, looseleafs...with a wide selection of papers, formats and finishing

    CPI book printing magazines catalogues
    Supporting your business with the right solutions

    ebook conversion, online retail, online ordering, print on demand, warehousing, distribution, book inventory management and more.

    book printing services
    "In the end everybody wins"
    Lucien Leitess, Geschäftsführer Unionsverlag, Zürich

    “When CPI introduced Quantum we could finally print good quality books in small quantities and meet the market demand. We optimised our use of cash and capital by reducing inventories. ”

    book printing services


    Books in all formats, catalogues, diaries, magazines, looseleafs, calendars …

    Quantum Inkjet book printing

    CPI Quantum is here, delivering high quality, cost effective, short run digital books.

    CPI Quantum enables publishers to put spot or full colour anywhere in the book – no longer restricted by the fall of illustrated sections. Colour images can be integrated into a previously mono layout. CPI UK now offers new market opportunities for our trade publishers, whilst ensuring the profitable delivery of spot and full colour titles for our STMA customers.

    Quantum is a technology unique to CPI, combining HP’s T350 inkjet web press with Magnum’s Flexbook finishing solution. Quantum is already part of the day-to-day working operation across the European CPI Group, printing many millions of books. This is our sixth Quantum – but it is our first in colour, capable of mono, 2 and 4 colour.

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    Digital colour edge book printing

    Eye-catching books with digital color edge

    CPI has developed the next generation in edge coloring : we combine traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology, bringing you the very latest in decorating book edges: digital edge coloring.
    Traditionally, one or more pages of a book were decorated with color. The coloration was achieved using various techniques and generally in a single color. The original purpose was mainly to prevent yellowing, and to keep dust from being trapped inside the book. With digital color edge you can decorate your book with images that fit the content. From dripping blood for a crime novel to a rose on a romance, this technique completes your book design, since it means you can use every inch of design space in three dimensions.

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    Manufacturing locations and commercial contacts

    CPI has manufacturing sites in 7 countries across Europe.
    In addition, we have a commercial presence in more than 15 countries.


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    For general information about CPI call us at +33 155 605 590 or by mail contact@cpibooks.com