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    About CPI

    about CPI group biggest book printer in Europe


    CPI is the largest monochrome book printer in Europe,

    with 17 printing houses in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In total we employ 3,000 people in 7 countries.
    Each of our manufacturing companies has the resources and commitment to provide premium standards of service and outstanding quality – no matter what the size or particular needs of your business. CPI employees combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technical know-how and a real willingness to adapt to our customers’ specific needs.


    The CPI Group includes many of Europe’s longest established book manufacturing companies, such as Firmin-Didot, Clausen & Bosse, Koninklijke Wohrmann and Mackays; as well as younger companies, like Antony Rowe and Buchbuecher, which have gained a reputation for innovation, specialist services and consistent quality. Each company in the group has its own history – its own character – developed through long-established relationships with national clients. This individuality is tremendously valuable – and it’s what makes the CPI Group so rich and diverse.


    But it is what we have in common that makes us strong. We share technology: the roll out of seven Quantum® inkjet web presses across Europe enables us to offer competitive short-run printing in all our markets. We share IT solutions to manage orders faster, to develop new services, to simplify processes and to work more efficiently. We share procurement to enable our clients to benefit from the best prices in Europe. We share best practices in production, shop floor organization and sales. We share production capacity to reassure our clients that, whatever happens, their books will be printed and delivered on time.
    At CPI, our combined resources fuel our continued development, yet the individuality of our group companies makes us flexible and adaptable to customer needs – the best of both worlds.